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Yamaha Proposes To Start The One-stop And Two-match System After Halving The Season

Yamaha Proposes To Start The One-stop And Two-match System After Halving The Season

Apr 09, 2020

  Wilco Zeelenberg, the current manager of Petronas YAMAHA's team, commented on the current situation of season shortening, cancellation and indefinite postponement caused by the epidemic situation which continues to spread all over the world. At present, it seems hopeless to reopen the season in May. In addition, on the premise of not affecting the normal progress of the 2021 season, it is completely impossible to finish the 2020 season.

  The question is: How many races will it take to win a recognized world champion? KTM said 10 matches, Zeelenberg thought 15 matches, but Zeelenberg's premise is that maybe the tournament can choose to use the double match system currently used by WSBK to achieve this goal. Up to now, the opening battle of Qutar in early March, sub-stations in Thailand, the United States and Argentina have been postponed, and the possibility of Mugello being held at the end of may under the premise that the current epidemic situation in Italy is out of control is probably zero.

  Zeelenberg said in an interview that the Sepang track team, which owns Petronas team, also keeps close contact with Dorna and will discuss the possibility of holding two races in Malaysia. Even if it is not formally established in the end, it is still a method.

  "In my opinion, if we don't make changes to the season, then it will be quite difficult to have 19 to 20 races this season. It is almost impossible for you to still hope to have 20 races in the halving season starting from June or even July. If a driver is injured in this process, one slip-up may be five to six races, which is unacceptable to us."

  Zeelenberg was one of the former Grand Prix drivers, then joined WSBK's team management and joined MotoGP YAMAHA Factory Racing as the management team of Lorenzo's team in 2010. At that time, WorldSBK was running two matches every weekend and even expanded to the beginning of three matches.

  If the situation forces MotoGP's schedule to be cut, Zeelenberg believes there is no reason for MotoGP officials to remain conformist.

  "Take WSBK as an example, each sub-station has two matches. If it is really necessary to have 15 to 16 matches this year, then you need eight sub-stations to run two matches every weekend!" Zeelenberg mentioned, "So you can run two races in the same race, but what country do you choose? I don't know which of these two options is more important. Do you want to have more competitions in more countries, or do you want to finish the competition in a few national races? "

  "In any case, the next 20 or 22 races will be a nightmare for me, which is a little more than that. If the world champion cannot be produced in 15 matches under such a system, this is really outrageous."

  "All of us are working under MotoGP. I think Dorna and IRTA have done a very good job so far. We can hand over the future to them. We will wait and see. If we can, we can finish the race between July and December. There is still much to be said, but at present we really don't know when we can set foot on the track again. "


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