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Dorna Sport Will Do Its Best To Get MotoGP To Start In August

Dorna Sport Will Do Its Best To Get MotoGP To Start In August

Apr 08, 2020

  The situation in F1 next door is: at least eight grand prix competitions are required, but the premise is that they must hold competitions in three continents respectively. Although this is a note on the content of the contract, after all, the epidemic is raging at present, and any situation and any change of mode are possible and concrete. As far as Liberty Media and Dorna Sport are concerned, neither side has taken the "minimum number of matches" into consideration, but has focused on the possibility of "maximum number of matches".

  Why do you say there's such a long way to go? Today F1 and MotoGP, even the world's top competitions, have long been not sports issues, but economic issues. As a matter of fact, both F1 and MotoGP usually combine the national budget to organize tournaments and profit from them.

  All racing sports are based on economic orientation as the primary consideration. This is not a secret that cannot be said. The world tour, admission tickets for spectators, consumption, sponsor funds, technical partners, etc. All forms of economic lifeline are the main sources of organizing world competitions and supporting the fleets of various car factories. After these funds flow into the fleets of car factories, they in turn invest in technology, technical talents and employees of car factories.

  Maintaining a stable economic lifeline is the foundation of professional sports events, which undoubtedly need not be hidden. This is called reality.

  At present, it is not a question of "how to hold the competition", but the pressure of "having to hold the competition". After all, neither MotoGP nor F1 will be able to reorganize within a few hours, and Dorna Sport will adjust the schedule several times due to the rapidly changing epidemic situation.

  1.Is there any danger in the MotoGP championship?

  This is for sure. After all, major sports events with a budget of billions of dollars, such as the Tokyo Olympics, have all been postponed to 2021. The problem is that large-scale epidemic diseases, racing cars or the Olympics have in common that people from all over the world will be brought together. This makes it quite complex to host the games. For a country without any risk of infection, the hosting of such professional sports events is still quite dangerous.

  02. The possibility of closed-door competitions?

  As a matter of fact, it can solve the problem and reduce the doubts of the organizers of the competition in planning to compete without spectators. However, there is still the problem of sub-stations all over the world. Therefore, to solve this problem, all countries still need to open up their entry and exit. However, Dorna Sport plans to adjust and reduce the number of people entering the track to avoid congestion. To be honest, this does not seem to be a feasible solution and is not a good solution under any circumstances.

  The idea is simply to reduce the loss of ticket revenue.

  03. The possibility of single and double races?

  04. The exact starting date?

  At present, considering all kinds of intelligence, excluding the option of reimbursement for the season, August is the currently feasible plan. The Czech Brno substation in early August, or later Austria's Red Bull Ring, will have the opportunity. There will be no competition schedule on the 23rd of August every other week, and there may be a chance to plug in Silverstone. ), it is not impossible for Le Mans, Mugello and Misano to proceed immediately in september if OK at that time.

  MotoGP should try its best to hold the competition in Europe, while overseas is the final stage. the competition may end in Losail in mid-December, but the station only runs MotoGP.

  05. Will there be any other special arrangements for the competition during the epidemic?

  There are rumors at present. Dorna Sport hopes to reduce the number of people entering the stadium as much as possible. Therefore, we are talking about a MotoGP Hospitality unit with a maximum of 20 VIP guests per team. However, this rule also limits the use of hotels and will not receive much favor in team meetings. The team's business team will meet the sponsors based on reception, thus obtaining a stable source of income. Therefore, this restriction may not be approved by the team.

  06.From the perspective of health care and epidemic prevention, what measures will be taken?

  Basically, masks and protective gloves will be forced to be worn during the games. As for the media conference room, it will be replaced by the traditional press conference or other communication mode of paper and electronic files.

  07. Development of Engine and Air Kit?

  At present, the development of engines is frozen by the competition, but in Japan, parts and frames are still under continuous development. However, the official freezing order should also reach this area soon.


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